My scholarly research is focused on human knowledge and learning; I am particularly interested in talent, creativity, intuition, and the grandmaster-apprentice relationship. I have developed a number of conceptual models, such as the levels of mastery and distinguishing intuitive insights from intuitive judgments. Being particularly intrigued by the highest level of mastery, I have conducted in-depth open-ended interviews with 17 Nobel Laureates and two Eckert-Mauchly Award winners, in order to understand the thinking of top scientists. This is one part of the Grandmaster research program.

Along the way, I have developed research philosophical frameworks, methodological approaches, and a number of qualitative methods, while maintaining the rigor inherited from my background as a mathematical engineer.

My applied research focuses on artificial intelligence (AI). I compared various AI solutions, explored the validity of AI, and 1999-2004 I spearheaded the development of AI software, a knowledge-based expert system shell.

Bringing together my interest in human mastery and AI, I have numerous talks globally, and my book What Every CEO Should Know About AI has been recently published by the Cambridge University Press.