Curriculum Vitae

I approach AI research from a distinct business school perspective, grounded in organisational strategy, and being shaped by my multidisciplinary background.  Namely, I have obtained: Master of Mathematical Engineering (integrated MSc, 1995), Master of Economics (1997), Master of Education (1998), MBA (1999), and a PhD in Management Science (2005). My PhD dissertation was dominated by psychology and philosophy.  I have used AI as a research tool throughout my studies.  Over the past 25 years, I have established dual scholar-practitioner expertise on the basis of this multidisciplinary background.  As a practitioner, I develop AI software and use it for strategic decision support in organisations.  As a scholar, I study knowledge, intuition, creativity, talent, and grandmaster-apprentice relationships.  The synergy of understanding both AI and human cognition allows me to produce rigorous scholarly contributions, such as my recent paper on AI Ethics for the HICSS Conference, as well as relevant practical applications, such as knowledge bases for intangible asset audit.  I have given 20+ talks globally on AI and the Human Mind, the topic which I explore deeper in my book What Every CEO Should Know About AI, published by the Cambridge University Press.  I believe this portfolio of expertise and experience makes me a uniquely qualified candidate for becoming a Turing AI World-Leading Researcher Fellow, adding business school expertise in AI to complement the current AI Fellowship portfolio. My background is not only multidisciplinary, but also multicultural: I undertake my research, teaching, and consultancy in 3 languages, having taught and presented in 31 countries to date.