Grandmaster research program

The story started when I met the late Martin Perl in Tokyo, Japan. At the time, I had a model of the levels of mastery, and I was pondering how to do something empirical about it. As Martin and I were becoming friends, I figured that I could assume that Nobel Laureates are at the highest “grandmaster” level of mastery, and so I decided to interview a few of them. Soon after that, I met Marc Stierand, a chef-turned-scholar, who soon became my PhD student. Using his chef background, Marc interviewed some of the finest chefs in the world for his doctoral study. And thus the Grandmaster research program was born.

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Kenneth J. ArrowJohn Bates Clark Medal (1957), Nobel Prize in Economics (1972), von Neumann Theory Prize (1986), National Medal of Science (2004)
Paul BergNobel Prize in Chemistry (1980), Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award (1982), National Medal of Science (1983)
James W. CroninResearch Corporation Award (1968), John Price Wetherill Medal (1975), Ernest O. Lawrence Award (1977), Nobel Prize in Physics (1980), National Medal of Science (1999)
Michael J. FlynnEckert-Mauchly Award (1992), Harry H. Goode Memorial Award (1995), IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Award (1996), Tesla Medal (1998)
Robert W. FogelNobel Prize in Economics (1993)
Sheldon L. GlashowGeorge Ledlie Award (1978), Nobel Prize in Physics (1979)
Roy J. GlauberMichelson Medal (1985), Max Born Award (1985), Dannie Heineman Prize (1996), Nobel Prize in Physics (2005), ‘Medalla de Oro del CSIC’ (2008)
David J. GrossDirac Medal (1988), Nobel Prize in Physics (2004)
Daniel KahnemanAPS Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award (1982), Nobel Prize in Economics (2002), APA Lifetime Achievement Award (2007)
Robert E. Lucas Jr.Nobel Prize in Economics (1995)
Yoichiro NambuNational Medal of Science (1982), Dirac Medal (1986), J.J. Sakurai Prize (1994), Wolf Prize in Physics (1994/1995), Nobel Prize in Physics (2008)
George A. OlahNobel Prize in Chemistry (1994), Priestley Medal (2005)
Douglas D. OsheroffSimon Memorial Prize (1976), Oliver E. Buckley Prize (1981), MacArthur Prize (1981), Nobel Prize in Physics (1996)
Yale N. PattEmanuel R. Piore Award (1995), IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Award (1996), Eckert-Mauchly Award (1996), Wallace W. McDowell Award (1999), IEEE Third Millenium Medal (2000), Charles Babbage Award (2005)
Martin L. PerlWolf Prize in Physics (1982), Nobel Prize in Physics (1995)
Edward C. PrescottAlexander Henderson Award (1967), Erwin Plein Nemmers Prize in Economics (2002), Nobel Prize in Economics (2004)
F. Sherwood RowlandTolman Medal (1976), Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement (1983), Japan Prize (1989), Peter Debye Award (1993), Roger Revelle Medal (1994), Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1995)
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Eric F. WieschausNobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1995)