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AoM 2010 - Montréal
19/08/2010 by Viktor
Macbeth and the Three Witches This year we had a few busy days at AoM conference in Montréal, QE. On Saturday we (with Zoltán and Jolán) ran a two-hour workshop called "Shakespeare's Witches". This title covers a drama-based approach to education of executives and executive coaches. The introduction of our conceptual framework was followed by a discussion during which we also showed a sample workbook that we use with our students.
I presented a paper on "Understanding Intuitive Knowledge" co-authored with Fran; as it was only Eric Dane and me presenting we had chance for somewhat longer and very good discussion.
Apart from these two main events I also participated in a caucus on "Intuition in Organizations", facilitated a division round table paper session "The role of cognition in team performance", and received another outstanding reviewer award from the MOC division.
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Two courses in Zagreb
18/08/2010 by Viktor
  Mid June I have spent a week at the Zagreb University in Zagreb, Croatia. On Monday 14th I ran a 6 hours intensive session on Information Management for the MBA students, and Tuesday-Friday I was teaching Research Philosophy to the PhD students.
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BAM 2009 - Brighton
28/09/2009 by Viktor
Brighton pier
Some ten days ago I attended the BAM annual meeting with Marc. This time it was held in Brighton, well known for its Royal Pavilion and busy nightlife with excellent restaurants in the Lanes.

I have presented a paper on investigating the extraordinary, which is the draft conceptual framework for the grandmaster project. Marc presented our paper on innovations of extraordinary chefs, in which we argue for Csíkszentmihályi's systemic approach.

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AoM 2009 - Chicago
16/08/2009 by Viktor
Poster presentation at AoM2009
End of last week and the first days of this week I attended the AoM annual meeting in Chicago, IL. There was a slightly lower attendance this year, with just over 8,000 participants. It was busy for me this time again, even though we did not submit as many papers as last year. I a presented poster paper on "Knowledge Levels: 3-D Model of the Levels of Expertise" in this paper we introduce a conceptual model of knowledge levels and describe the characteristics of knowledge at the various levels.
I chaired a paper session "Knowledge, Expertise, Creativity and Innovation: Knowledge Related Processes"; the four papers of the session examined various aspects of creativity and how expertise can be successfully utilised in teamwork. I participated a caucus "Intuition in Organizations", which is the first step of establishing a formal presence within AoM for people researching intuition. I also received an outstanding reviewer award from the Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division.
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Research Philosophy course in Zagreb
28/06/2009 by Viktor
A photo from the course
I have spent the last week in Zagreb, Croatia, delivering a course on Research Philosophy in Croatian to the doctoral students of the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb. Once again, I was able to help young and potential researchers putting their research into a broader perspective and re-examining the bases of their respective disciplines - after all, they hope to become Doctors of Philosophy (PhD).

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Knowledge Sharing in Knowledge Restaurants
6/06/2009 by Viktor
The Capital of Intelligence – the Intelligence of Capital
We have recently contributed a book chapter to the bilingual (our chapter is in English) book "The Capital of Intelligence – the Intelligence of Capital". Our study is based on a previous conference paper presented VIPSI 2007 Tokyo; it's title is "Knowledge Sharing in Knowledge Restaurants".

We introduce a for restaurant metaphors to describe the four ways of knowledge sharing today: in the buffet instant knowledge is available through self-service; in the restaurant where the waiter serves a la cart knowledge; in some very expensive ones the chef recommends suitable knowledge, and in the coffee room we can chat while making our own coffe or tea.
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VIPSI 2009 - Belgrade
29/04/2009 by Viktor

Veljko Milutinović has organised another renaissance-style VIPSI conference; this time Jaszmina (my wife) and I met even more incredibly interesting people than usually. Martin Perl talked about his most recent research into Dark Energy, "which is certainly not dark and might not be energy at all". Michael Flynn showed how our future autonomous sensors and systems will be (low)powered, culminating in an artificial fruit fly. Yale Patt gave a presentation on the future microprocessors but really he was talking about thinking and education. Katsuhito Iwai discussed what will become of corporations as "human brains matter more than shareholders' money". Felix Hong examined the K-12 education in the light of picture-based vs. rule-based reasoning.
I have also presented a paper on understanding creativity; describing creativity through jokes, discussing the role of freedom and responsibility, and examining the various types of love, trying to understand what the Muse is.
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WUPS 2009 - Belgrade
29/04/2009 by Viktor

The World University Presidents Summit (WUPS 2009) with the topic of "Current Trends in Higher Education" was organised by the University of Belgrade early April. I have chaired a session "Universities as Catalysts in Promoting Regional Innovation"; the speakers, university presidents from Peru, Turkey, and Serbia (see photo), shared their diverse visions of the future with the audience. I also conducted a discussion session on "Strategic Management and New Challenges of Competitive Universities"; it was interesting to hear about the different approaches to the same problem in different cultures.
The great patron of the Serbian education, HRH the Crown Prince Alexander II, invited the participants to a reception at the White Palace (Serbian: Beli Dvor). I also had the opportunity to adore the beautiful art nouveau building of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Srpska Akademija Nauke i Umetnosti - SANU) when participated a conversation with Nikola Hajdin, the President of SANU.
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BAM 2008 - Harrogate
16/09/2008 by Viktor
Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, UK
Last week we have attended the BAM 2008 conference in Harrogate; this time in the Hospitality section. Marc presented our developmental paper on the role of the master-apprentice relationship in Haute Cuisine innovations.
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AoM 2008 - Anaheim
27/08/2008 by Viktor
Our laboratory at AoM 2008 This year we have again attended the AoM annual meeting; this year there were 9,000+ participants. We have presented two papers, a session paper on Intuition and an interactive paper on Rationalities and conducted a professional developmental workshop on how to support the decision taker. The most interesting story this time was Jim March, the distinguished speaker of MOC, who talked about the history of business education.

On the photo (do you see Zoltán sitting?) is what we called our laboratory during the conference, here we discussed what we have seen, prepared for our presentations, and tried to teach the young generation.

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